10 Facebook Ad Hacks to Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Facebook Ad Hacks

10 Facebook Ad Hacks to Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Facebook was created by keeping one target in mind – connectivity with friends, family, and acquaintances. But the power of connectivity surpassed its boundaries and now it has become an effective tool to promote businesses. There are plenty of other social media as well, but Facebook has proven itself the frontrunner and helping businesses to meet their business needs.

To promote businesses, the owners and marketers are running several ad campaigns, and the success of a campaign lies in the capacity to engage more audiences. No doubt, Facebook is the winner here. But to get the most out of a campaign, you must know some clever yet simple ad hacks.

In this blog, we will talk about what is a Facebook ad, the benefits of Facebook Ads, and what are the hacks that will drive growth for your business.


What is a Facebook Ad?

Facebook ads are messages from online business entities that convey their brand voice in written format but not for free. It is one hundred percent paid. Like all other ads, these ads have their target groups also. The ads target users based on demographics, interests, user behaviors, and profile activity.

The aim of creating Facebook ads is to remind the customers of what the businesses offer and increase the chance of a visitor returning to the business’ website so that they make purchases.

There are eight different ad formats from which a business can choose depending on its objective. Facebook ads appear in the newsfeed of web and mobile users. The most significant reason for choosing Facebook ads is it is not as expensive as other digital advertising campaigns. Any business with a limited budget can easily go for a Facebook ad campaign.


The 3 most common mistakes business owners make while running Facebook ads.


Facebook ads can be tricky. If not set properly, it will not bring desired results. You need to know the mistakes many brands or business owners make which hamper the workability of the ads. The mistakes are –


  1. Many business owners think that Facebook ads will work just like other marketing campaigns, but this is not the case. As people use this platform to interact with their friends, family, and close ones, they do not like to get direct promotions.
  2. If the target audience is not identified properly, the ads will not work the way they should.
  3. If the ad copy or content is not attention–grabbing, it will not convert your audience.

So, you need to avoid these 3 mistakes to make your Facebook ads work. Apart from avoiding these mistakes, you can try some of the tested and trusted ad optimization hacks that will bring you a high conversion.


10 Facebook Ad Optimization Hacks to drive your conversion rate higher than ever –

  1. Determine your objectives: You need to be very clear about your goals. While creating a Facebook ad campaign, you should set achievable goals according to your business needs. Ensure that your campaign aligns with your business goals and objectives. Setting goals is a hard nut to crack, but if you focus on one goal at a time, it will be easier for you. Some of your business goals may include –
  • Getting more sales.
  • Generating more leads.
  • Driving a good conversion rate.
  • Improving engagement rate.

These are just examples. You can make the list according to your business needs. Do not forget to constantly check and fine-tune your business strategy from time to time.

  1. Install Facebook Pixel: After setting your goals, the next important step is to install Facebook’s tracking pixel. Pixel is a short code snippet for your website that helps you measure, optimize, and build audiences for your business. In short, it helps you gain an insight into how visitors are interacting with your website.


  1. Optimize Content and Ad Images: Content and ad images are very powerful tools to make ads valuable. You need to enhance your ad value by adding high-quality and attention-grabbing content and images. Images make the ads look more visually appealing to the audience. For example, businesses that sell clothing or jewelry, should include visually appealing images using their products. It will help the audience portray how they will look wearing that piece of clothing or ornament.

The same goes for content. It is necessary to optimize the content for the right keywords. Craft concise and meaningful content and at the same time make them relevant by adding headings. It will improve the overall readability score.


  1. Optimize Ad Placement: Ad placement has a significant influence on the conversion rate. It also massively impacts total ad costs. According to AdEspresso’s data, CPC can improve by 550% depending on your ad placement strategies. You should determine the ad placement of your top-performing ads. Go to Ads Manager and utilize the Breakdown menu to categorize your ad placement based on performance.


  1. Research your competition: Keep an eye on your competitors’ Facebook Ads. Follow and study your competitors well. Open Ad Library, and search for ads by typing the name of your competitors to see what they are running. Analyze the ads, stay up to date, and have a learner’s mindset so that you can easily trace the new strategy, new hacks, or tools they are using.


  1. A/B testing: It is very crucial to know what works best for your campaigns and what is not. Run a quick A/B test to know the efficiency of your campaigns. Create 3 to 4 ad sets with different headlines, graphics, and ad content to run A/B testing, keep track of how each of the versions is performing, and identify which parts are attracting your audience the most. If you want to have a good ROI, then continuously modify your adverts based on the insights you get by doing A/B testing.


  1. Facebook Messenger Ad Campaigns: Facebook Messenger ad campaigns are an opportunity that you should not miss as a marketer. According to a study, Facebook messages have a higher opening rate than emails. Use Facebook Messenger ads to encourage more people to interact with your brand. For the users who are messaging to your page, you should run your ads to them. Your ads will appear as a message in their Messenger app.


  1. Choose the appropriate Ad Frequency: According to psychologists, if you want to remember something, you need to see something at least 3 times. Based on this finding, you should show your ads 3 times each. The main problem is reach does not guarantee you that people are seeing your ads, it means your ads appeared in their feed while they were using the platform. Another issue is users tend to turn off ads if they see it too often. So, decide carefully about the number of times you want your ads should appear to the users.


  1. Optimize your likes and shares: The likes and shares you are gaining on Facebook, are your social proof of the acceptability of your product or services. You can create your ads from scratch, or you can utilize the ‘Use Existing Post’ option to gain more likes and shares. This feature allows businesses to optimize their ads’ likes and shares by collecting all the campaign’s post engagements under one ad. It is a wonderful opportunity for many to earn thousands of likes and shares.


  1. Exclude call-to-action: Yes, you read that right. People do not like direct promotion on social media platforms as most just pass their time mindlessly. So, be creative and craft your ads in a way that does not look like an ad. If your ads do not like direct promotion, it will be a win-win situation for you.


Facebook ads have enormous possibilities and due to these possibilities, this platform has become a competitive space. There will always be pressure to stand out from the crowd. So, while running your ads on Facebook, use the hacks so that you know your ads will get you success.



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